2012 Utah Open Recap

I played good enough in the Utah Open last year to be exempt for this year's tourney.  I thought that it would be fun to play, maybe get the juices flowing a bit.

The thing is, I haven't been able to play at all.  A couple months ago I tried to defend at the Black Diamond, and it was rough.  Ugly. Very rough.  I really wasn't sure if I was making a wise decision to fork out the money to play last week.

I got off to an ok start on Friday afternoon with a 72.  I played solid golf, the course was a bit crusty.  Other than one late mistake, I felt pretty good about things.  Scores were low, I needed a good score on Saturday to make the cut.

I got off to a bad start on Saturday, making par on the par 5 first with a 6 iron second shot.  Bogey on 2 didn't help.  I was in trouble.  I needed to get hot.

I got hot. 10 birdies later and I had a nice little 63 on the board. Fun.

Sunday was a little nerve wracking, but I kept making birdies.  I gave it a little run, and with a 66 ended up at -15 for the weekend, and -15 for the week.  Pretty solid, good enough for a T3 finish.  It was good to get in contention in a big tournament again.  Been too long.

It was a different week.  I felt a lot of pressure leading up to the start of the tournament.  Once things got going, I was surprisingly calm.  I was very unprepared to play tournament golf, really I'm not so sure I should have been playing.  Any glory last week can only go to God, because without Him my true talent and preparedness would have showed...

So, after a fun week golf, things have settled down.  Back to work (another blessing), and the kids are starting school!  Zac just turned 2, Lucy just turned 1, and the "Swilor Schoolhouse" has opened doors.  We will be in touch!

God Bless!!!


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Keep up the good work. Trust in the lord and all will work out in the end.