Family is good.  Work is good.  Golf...it's a little rusty. 

I haven't played at all this year, so the recent decision to play in a tournament might not be all that wise.  But, we are excited, and it should be a fun weekend regardless.

In the week or so I've been hitting balls, things have been feeling better every day.  That is very encouraging, as the first nine I played was a catastrophe.  Got it under par the last time I played.

So, with a caddy like this on board, I am preparing: 

 His sister is my little Princess, and she loves helping us make sure we stay on plane:

Around an hour a day is the plan.  That isn't a lot, but it is what we have.  8-9 month layoff and two weeks to prepare!  Might be crazy.  We'll see how this weekend warrior thing turns out.


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Jeremy said...

My kids are about the same age, and I am looking forward to getting them out on the course!