Still here

It's been way too long since I've posted. Golf hasn't come up a lot, so there hasn't been much to say. I've played 9 holes over the last 6 months. Crazy.
The Swilors are doing great. My family is amazing, we are so blessed.  Zac is getting some game, and Lucy is our little sweetheart.
Hit a few putts today. Might play a few tournaments this year, might not.  We will see...
God Bless!


Sam and Mandy Noel said...

Luke, love this update! I just want to tell you you are the best daddy to Zac and little Lucy. You have impressed me so much. They are lucky to have a dad that takes such good care of them and loves them so much. Glad you guys are doing so well. Hope you can get a few good tournaments in this year!

Luke Swilor said...

Thanks a lot Mandy! Miss you guys, been too long. Look forward to seeing you all soon!